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Enter your ticket fee, per contract charges and assignment fees to find your per share costs for selected "round trip" option trades.  Remember that when you enter the trade you may be paying commissions to exit. For example, entering an Iron Condor may require one ticket fee plus four legs but to exit one wing at a time, you exit the first wing requiring one ticket fee plus two contract fees and to later exit the second wing would require another ticket fee plus two more contract fees.

Trading one-lots can get very expensive.  It pays to know your maximum commissions before entering something that you only thought would be profitable.  For example, if you are getting $0.25 in premium for your Iron Condor on a one-lot trade but your commissions are $0.25, worst case (Two Verticals Out), there is no money to be made. 

Don't forget assignment fees.  Consider a short Put; are you better off to be assigned or to buy it back?  If your are trading one-lots the results might surprise you.

Use this calculator to compare Ticket Fee and Contract Fee ratios to determine if you are better off with lower Contract Fees or Ticket Fees for your type of trading.  Remember, commissions are negotiable.

This calculator ignores those pesky exchange fees since they are usually quite small.

Option Commission Calculator

Know your "round trip resort fees" before trading

Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

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Ticket Fee (In Dollars)Enter
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Iron Condor In - Two Verticals OutCalculated
Iron Condor In - One Vertical OutCalculated
Iron Condor In - All Legs ExpireCalculated
Butterfly In - One Vertical OutCalculated
Vertical In - Vertical OutCalculated
Jade Lizard In - One Vertical OutCalculated
Jade Lizard In - All Legs ExpireCalculated
Jade Lizard In - Assigned Short PutCalculated
Short Put In - ExpiresCalculated
Short Put In - Bought to CloseCalculated
Short Put In - Assigned Short PutCalculated